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Driven by university alumni, students and music enthusiasts across the region, The Poke Around is a music news organization presenting insightful news, reviews, features and media from all of the best events and venues across the Carolinas, Virginia and the surrounding area. We are powered solely by the passionate work of our contributors and strive to create a place where people can cross paths feeding and inspiring their love for live music.

Our Band

No, we aren’t actually a band that plays musical instruments together. We are, however, a band of friends from the same region that shares a similar love for the experiences that drive this publication. Originally founded by two neighbors in Boone, North Carolina, The Poke Around is run by contributors in all directions from Nashville to Charleston to Washington, D.C. We hope to connect many friends and friends-to-be across the region under our combined diverse and informational perspective of music.

Our Name

The Poke Around originally derives from the song Shakedown Street by the Grateful Dead. There are a couple of meanings behind this. Firstly, being that we were founded in 2015, the year of Fare Thee Well and supposedly the last performances for the remaining members of the Dead together, we wanted to tribute our organization to the band that has in so many ways inspired our music adventures and shaped the sounds we listen to as a whole. Secondly, we want this publication to speak for and to each of its readers’ and contributors’ individual show-going selves. We want The Poke Around to help all of us remember that in times when life around us gets tough, the there is always light to be found. You just gotta poke around!


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